We are a non-profit organisation aimed to provide you with ways to socialise with your fellow Egyptians in Manchester (UK). We aim to provide you with enough information to help with your endeavour and if not provide you with the guidance to find a solution. We aim to give you an Egyptian home away from home so that you feel like you are in a community that understands you as a fellow Egyptian.

Our services include:

  • Social Activities:
    • Monthly gathering:
      • This is an Egyptian style gathering aimed to allow Egyptians and any other people interested with the chance to taste an Egyptian environment in the UK. Food will be provided and entertainment for children, teenagers and adults will be available, making it suitable for all age groups. Refreshments will always be available on site and a sports facility will always be available. For little children a bouncy castle is generally available. For more information on this activity, please click here
      • As a branch of this we have 2 special events that occur every year. In these events we conduct extra activities, such as: Ramadan sweets, magician shows, sports tournaments, etc. These events are:
        Ramadan Iftar
        Eid Gathering
    • Kharagny Shookran:
      • This is an activity where you and your family go out on a pre-organised trip with discounted prices. This allows you to enjoy yourself at places, such as:
        • A beach
        • A theme park
        • An aquarium
        • Etc.
  • Sports Activities:
    • There are lots of opportunities for you to play sports and we have organised lots of sports activities that run weekly in a structured manner with your fellow peers. There is a wide range of activities for you to choose from, such as:
  • Information:
  • Services:
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