Our Mission

Bringing Egyptians together to enhance and support Egyptians adapting, succeeding and adding values within their communities in the UK​

Our Vision

To be the premier destination for Egyptians in the UK and beyond, known for our commitment to inclusivity, mutual support, and the celebration of diversity. Egyptians Together Union (ETU) aspires to be a home away from home, where every member finds a sense of belonging and an extended family that transcends differences.

We are an independent organisation aimed to provide you with ways to socialise with your fellow Egyptians in UK. We aim to provide you with enough information to help with your endeavour and if not provide you with the guidance to find a solution. We aim to give you an Egyptian home away from home so that you feel like you are in a community that understands you as a fellow Egyptian.

Who We Are

  • Egyptians Together Union (ETU) is an independent organisation and not linked to any other organisations worldwide.
  • ETU includes Egyptians as well as non-Egyptians who are interested in an Egyptian environment.
  • ETU believes that: Together … We are Stronger; Together … We Support Each Other; Together … We can Teach Each Other; Together … We can Look After Each Other; Together … Life is better than Ever.
  • ETU aims to provide you with ways to communicate with other Egyptians in Egypt, UK and worldwide.
  • ETU aims to provide information to help, support and make our lives easier.
  • “Together” – We can share our experience, activities, information, concerns and questions so that we feel like we are amongst a big family in an Egyptian home away from home.
  • “Together” family – includes different brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, however they accept each other and never split.
  • ETU accepts all diversities, backgrounds and differences. However, it rejects diversion, conflicts and disrespect.

Our Ethos

  • Together the impossible becomes possible.
  • Together individuals become a family.
  • Happiness increases as we share it.
  • Sadness decreases with more share it.
  • Burden decreases with more shoulders carrying it.
  • We will provide assurance for those who are worried and anxious.
  • We will rejoice those who are upset.
  • We will support those who suffer.
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