Egyptian Business Together (EBT)


Creating a strong link amongst Egyptian Businessmen and Business ladies  in UK to succeed; to support other Egyptians with positive impact in their communities

من نحن

Due to the presence of a large number of Egyptian investors and businessmen in Britain, it was necessary to start establishing a committee in the Egyptians Together Union (ETU) for businessmen and investors residing in Britain (EBT) to take care of them economically and socially, culturally, legally to influences society in Britain by contributing to its economic renaissance, in cooperation with relevant parties and local, Arab and international investment groupings


  1. Studying various economic, industrial and engineering investment projects and putting forward applicable studies for small and medium enterprises and support their success.
  2. Qualifying and preparing new investors technically and legally to work in Britain.
  3. Exchange of information and experiences in order to raise the level of work in the field of investment in all sectors and serving the common goals of the members.
  4. Organising economic and investment conferences and seminars that serve the union and contribute to the development of work investment.
  5. Providing job opportunities in Britain.
  6. Representing investors locally and internationally.
  7. Improve the awareness of laws and regulations that affect members’ activities, and providing all services to them to help them facing the challenges that may arise between members and government agencies related to their activities in Britain.
  8. Organising and developing ways and means of investing in all investment sectors.
  9. Developing methods by performing services and investments in all fields and activating them by using the latest methods.
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