Egyptians Foundation

Egyptians Foundation

Egyptian Community foundation is a non-profit, non-political organisation established in Manchester by Egyptians who volunteer to support fellow Egyptians (in Manchester, UK and Egypt) during their hard times.

ECF is running by Board of volunteer Trustees who founded ECF and set the vision of ECF. Then they volunteered to run and maintain ECF until setting the Board of Directors.

If a case arises, a Case Committee of 3 members of the Advisory Board will study it, followed by a decision from Board of Directors. If there is more than one case, they will be prioritized based on the urgency and the need.

ECF will use donated funds to resolve cases in need of funding in addition to offer any other non-financial support.

Membership of ECF is available to any Egyptian fellow as follow:

o Members of General Assembly by continuous regular payment into the account (Currently £10/month)

o Non-member Donors by donating regularly or one-off

o Non-member Zakat Payers by paying your Zakat through ECF.

o Payments can be made by standing order, bank transfer or paid over the counter at the bank by the member.

o Community Bank Account details (ECF-Donation or ECF-Zakat) will be sent upon request

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